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Stage Left is OPEN! Thrift Boutique supporting Survivors!

We empower and support women survivors as they overcome and heal from the systems of prostitution and exploitation

Peace + Healing
Our sanctuary provides a safe space for these resilient individuals to find solace and begin their journey towards a brighter future


At Different Day we understand that every scar has a story. It is our belief that connection and LOVE are among the most powerful forces in the universe to begin healing.

This is the place where restoration begins. Since our inception we have been honored to serve 35 survivors in our first year. This shows us we are needed now more than ever. WE SEE YOU.

Heal. House. Employ.
Heal. House. Employ.

Our Story

Connection + Love

At the heart of our foundation lies the belief that every scar tells a story, and it is through connection and LOVE that true healing begins.

Our holistic approach combines various therapies, such as equine therapy and expressive arts, to address the diverse needs of each survivor. Alongside our life skills program and mentorship, we walk hand in hand with these women as they embark on their transformative journey.


Stage Left

We are thrilled to introduce our first thrift boutique, Stage Left. This venture allows survivors to explore their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, further fostering their financial independence. By supporting "Stage Left," you become a catalyst for restoration and growth.

With your invaluable support, we can create a haven of healing for these brave survivors.

We're so happy you're here

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